Our number one priority is protecting the end customer from defective material escapes. Our sorting and inspection containment service does that and more for our customers by providing containment, part/product inspection, piece price sorting, rework, customer/supplier representation, and engineering support. We are experienced with all levels of controlled shipping (CS1 and CS2) containment at the customer's site, at ARS Quality Service off-site facility, or at the manufacturer's location. Following work instruction documentation, we provide data collection reports and a customer portal database with online access to reports.

During part/product inspection, defects are found through visual inspection, magnification and microscopic inspection, fixture gauge inspection, and dimensional checks. If defects are found, our rework process will correct them using the necessary function which can include grinding, deburring, machining, clean-up, parts cleaning, rust removal, flash removal, reassembly, etc.






Our rework  capabilities can further prevent additional delays to your customer by putting rejected material back into the system as good product. We also stock a large inventory of tooling and gauges.




Our sub-assemblies services allow manufacturers to focus on making their core products while ARS Quality Services handles your subassemblies, packing and shipping. Just drop-ship your individual raw components to us and we will handle the rest.




 We can receive your inventory, kit your assembly package and fulfill your orders so you  don't have to. Outsourcing this core function to avoid expensive overhead and operational costs.





Our warehousing and fulfillment service offers protection and security for all your products until you need them. Offering warehousing, storing, fulfillment and cross dock capabilities, this service suits products that need processing such as sorting and inspection, kitting and assembling, packaging, and pick and pack. We also offer an inventory management system that will keep track of inventory levels, outsourcing processes, and supply chain management for business-to-business and business-to-consumer fulfillment.

ARS Quality Services understands the urgency of on-time delivery and will arrange product shipping and transportation using the most effective means possible. We can use our own trucks or work with UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL and truck load to meet the needs of our customers. We are proudly affiliate to Transgroup Worldwide Logistics.


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